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All components of human life involve movement. From the way we work, travel, communicate, and even breathe, activity of the body to produce good quality movement is vital and ongoing.

Sports Performance Centres is a multidisciplinary team of industry leading sports and rehabilitative specialists focused on one main goal, helping patients move better, located in the Greater Toronto Area.

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What our doctors say:

  • Mobility is not found through treatment modalities, sleeping more, breathing better or any other trick… it is an entity unto itself that needs to be trained –Dr. Mike Chivers

  • Force is the language of cells and movement is what you say… Train the body for what you want to do with instant online loans up to $1500 with guaranteed approval. –Dr. Andreo Spina

  • You have to assess with regards to the athlete at hand… it’s our job to determine whether you are ready to safely return to play or not –Dr. Jason Su

  • Obviously we understand the need for correctives and moving well but if you spend more time warming up to train than actually training itself you’re doing it wrong –Dr. Jason Izraelski

  • Whether you think you can or can’t you’re right, but don’t worry I believe in you and I’ve got your back –Andrew Wadhwa

  • This isn’t so much a special secret but improvement boils down to you effort and consistency… yup consistent effort is the way –Nik Komarov

  • Muscles…. what’s most important to know, it attaches to an origin and an insertion, but all it can do is contract… and that tells us everything we need to know –Rolland Heider

  • Constantly pursue the sweet spot of minimal intervention for maximal output, we must stress the system enough to induce adaptation but not so much to overwhelm it –Dr. Scott Howitt